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Posted by Aur-iu-ba on October 13, 2012 at 5:10 PM

 The Root of the word Ghost is gast gost and gheis. Archaic roots are very important, as sometimes they describe what the meaning is better. In this case it is used to describe "Fear" of the uncertain. The word gheis means "to scare."  People are conditioned to be afraid, fear of the unseen. Afraid of anything beyond the physical, or meta-physical. The word occult always surfaces with the discussion of ghosts. The word occult means to be hid. Seen and unseen 

Edgar Allan Poe

Was an occultist meaning he believed in unseen forces at work. He writes about them in stories that have now become classics. He was a poet. He understood the nature of bringing out emotions in his stories. Emotions such as fear are unseen forces, yet we believe in fear. We do not question whether fear exists or not.

It's spectactular to say that quantum physics agrees with the belief in ghosts and the existence of other bodies.

"The whole world is the various forms and identities of consciousness and their interactions." (Phisics of the Soul, pg. 59 by Amit Goswami, ph. D)

Non-local vs. Local

"When we die, we drop only the physical body; our subtle bodies survive. (pg. 95)

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