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Art Spell Template - Also for Good Luck and Job Opportunities

Posted by DiDellia on October 13, 2012 at 6:10 AM

Our Craft is our Art but also our Art can be our Craft. Before I get into the technicalities of how to incorporate Magick with art I would like to remind everyone to be conscientious of how they think while making their art. Every thought and feeling will go into your project, and WILL manifest!!!! It doesn't matter what type of Art you decide to make. You can make a painting, drawing, sculpture, paint your bedroom, write a poem, short story, make a movie, etc... You can use ANY form of ART to perform your Magick!!! I am going to use a drawing for an sample spell. If you are new to the craft feel free to use my sample template for your spell, if you are more experienced branch off of my template and customize your spell to your specific needs, and make it as intricate as you feel it needs to be!

Step 1: What do you NEED or WANT to manifest?

I need to turn my luck around and succeed with this new venture. I really need to manifest some job opportunities!

Step 2: What type of Art will be the easiest to allow me to express my desire? (The answer to this question is contingent on the following three questions)

I am best at expressing myself through drawing

What supplies do I need to accomplish this? Paper, Pencil, Eraser, Crayons or Colored Pencils, Ink Pens

What supplies do I have on hand? Paper, Pencil and Eraser, and Colored Pens

What kind of supplies can I afford? None right now, I will have to use what I have

Step 3: Research relative correspondences!

Color Correspondences- The colors I will be using in my drawing are: Orange, red, green, blue, brown, yellow, white, and black. I have listed the following magickal energy correspondences with the colors I wish to project within my drawing. The colors also tie all of the Elements into my Art which will make my Drawing really pack a punch! Orange,is for good luck and good fortune, optimism, success, and success in investments. Red, represents Fire, it is for courage, determination, and assertiveness. Green, represents earth, it is for rejuvenation growth, hope, finances, and abundance. Blue, represents water, it is for wisdom, guidance, and sincerity. Brown, represents Earth, it is for stability, material increase, and attracts help in a financial crisis. Yellow, represents Air, it is for change, vitality, communication and progress. White, represents Spirit, it is for protection from negativity and helps one get in tune with their higher self. Black, also represents Spirit, it is for repelling negativity, protection, and opens deep unconscious levels.

Herbal Correspondences- I am big into herbal craft and I try to incorporate it into everything I do, whether it be cooking, cleaning, or even Art. What I do is I look in my Witches Cabinet and figure out what I have and if any of the Magickal Energies could help me manifest what I desire. In this particular case I have decided to use some VERY common herbs that almost everyone has in their Kitchen. I will put all of the following herbs into a regular bowl and use just a regular tablespoon and crush up the herbs to the best of my ability while concentrating and projecting all of my thoughts of what I want to manifest into these herbs. Once I feel they are ground well enough I will put the paper I will be using for my drawing on a cookie sheet and I will sprinkle my herbal mixture on top of the paper. I will leave the paper like this over night, so my it will absorb the herbs energies. The herbs I will be using are: Cinnamon, to draw money and prosperity, also for luck and success. Nutmeg, to attract money, prosperity, and luck. Oregano, to bring happiness, vitality, and strength. Sage, to remove negativity that may be blocking me, clearing the way so I am able to manifest my desire.

Elemental Associations- Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit, (SEE ABOVE, Colors)

Symbolic Correspondences- Some symbolic correspondences that I would like to incorporate in my drawing are: Ladybugs, for good luck and the connection to the Divine. Bamboo, because it grows wealth.The Number 7, for activation and manifestation a will. Rainbows, for luck and fortune. Horseshoe, to increase positive energy and bring good fortune. Acorn, to attract wealth, enhance personal power, and bring good luck. Keys, to unlock the doors to wealth, success, and happiness . Daisy, to bring luck. Ant, for perseverance and self discipline. Eagle, for success, prosperity, and wealth. Spider, to symbolize the creative life pattern and connect with creative possibilities.

Step 4: Gather supplies, and prepare your project! Now I am going to get everything I may need to create my masterpiece. I like to keep all of the things I may need very close to the place I will be working on my project at. Also It is a good idea to have a large shoe box or drawer big enough to hold your artwork while you are in the process of creating it. Many times it takes days to weeks to complete a project and it should be store in its own special space. I like to prepare my box by sprinkling the herbal mixture in the bottom of the box, then laying a paper towel over it, so it wont smug your drawing.

Step 5: Create a Sacred Space! I like to cleans the area I will be performing magick and then only using that area for that specific task. Another great idea is to have a candle lit next to you while you work on your project.

Step 6: Begin your project! (When not working on the artwork be sure to always store it in it's special box, or drawer.)

Step 7: Display your project It is best to display your art in the North / North-East Direction of your home or bedroom to Manifest success.

Hopefully this will be helpful to some of you. Good luck and Blessed Be!!

If you anyone needs any help customizing this type of spell don't hesitate to ask, I am more than willing to assist you.

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