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How to Make a Witches Staff

Posted by DiDellia on October 13, 2012 at 6:10 AM

I am a great fan of the outdoors and am always on the look out for fallen branches that would make great wand and staffs. Here are some ideas to obtain your wood.

I know many people live in areas where there aren't forests. If you live in an area such as this, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for people trimming trees in your neighborhood, many times if you explain that you are interested in a nice branch to use for an art project, they are happy to help you. They may even help you cut it to the right size, if you help them clean up. Also, a good time to find them in your neighborhood is after storms because they fall naturally off of trees and many times people are happy to receive the clean up help. Many times Witches are concerned with what type of wood they want for their staff. Personally I believe that is crazy, I believe that what you seek shall come to you in the perfect form of what you need. So my advice is to be patient and wait for your staff to come to you. I do not recommend that you go out and trim your own branch, it is best to find one that has naturally fallen, or someone else has cut and would other wise discard.

After obtaining your wood, I recommend identifying your wood, then looking up the properties associated with that particular wood. More likely than not, it will represent exactly what you need. If you are unable to find the connection to how it applies to your needs, try doing a three card Tarot reading to determine how the influence is relevant. This also will give you more insight as how to dress your Staff.

The next step is deciding whether or not you want to leave the bark on or take it off. I always take my bark off so it is easier to dress. I do this with a sharpened pocket or hunting knife.

Now I like to bless my wood with an herbal infusion. I make this by researching what herbal properties I want to enhance the wood with. I then put my herbs in a regular bowl, and crush them up with a regular table spoon. Then I put them in a ceramic pot and add natural water (usually collected from rain or snow storms, then stored in the fridge for use all year long). I then boil my water everyday for an hour for three days. I then strain my water and return the herbs to the outdoors, and save my infused water. Using either a paintbrush or my hands I anoint my staff or wand from the top to the bottom, while visualizing and channeling the intended energies into my wood.

After the anointing of the infusion find a special spot to either lay your wood flat or hang it up so it dries evenly. It will need to stay like this for about 3 moon cycles.

During this time, I like to gather what I want to add to my staff or wand. I usually pick up stones, feathers, shells, etc... on nature walks. Its also a great time to research and figure out if you want to engrave runes or some other symbols into your wood.

Once it is dry and hardened, I often will use a fine sand paper and smooth out my wood.

Now it is time decorate and engrave your staff or wand.

Some decorating ideas are using leather, cord, yarn, stones, feathers, shells, fallen antlers, etc...

Once it is made I normally take it out for a nature walk. I will often add additional things to it after every walk, I pick up at least something.

Good luck, if you have any questions please feel free to ask!!! Also if you are absolutely unable to find wood, there are very cheap metal staffs ($10-$20) available online. Metal is a good conductor of energy, both to receive and send.

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