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Household Cleansing and Consecration

Posted by DiDellia on October 13, 2012 at 6:05 AM

As an economic Hedge Witch I do not use a traditional altar. This may seem foreign to some practitioners but I use my entire home as a working altar. I have found that my Magick is much stronger and not limited to the small confines of a table or counter surface. Using your home as your altar is also a great motivation to keeping a clean home. If your home is chaotic, so is your Magick. I am going to share with you how to use your home and normal everyday household items to perform Magick. I am going to share a general walk-through of what I do to prepare my space, setting up my space, and performing Magick, and releasing energy.

I use this particular method (minus the heavy cleaning, that is only for the consecration and cleansing of the home) almost every time I perform a ritual. I do alter things according to my will. Before getting into my ritual I would like to remind EVERYONE reading about the Three Fold Law!!! It is very real and whatever type of Magick you perform with my template rituals please be cautious of your intent, may it NOT harm or interfere with another! Another thing I would like to mention is that this particular Ritual for Cleansing and Consecrating your living space takes about two full weeks. The best time for this is right after the full Moon all the way to the day before the new Moon. The reason for this is because the Waning Moon is the best time to cleanse and remove any negative items, energies, habits etc... It is a time to regain order and banish all unwanted influences.

Step 1- Setting Up My Space

The goal of this step is to place offerings in the five elemental directions of your home. I do this by collecting things from Nature that I find on my walks. I then put together displays of the Natural items in an eye pleasing display alongside a candle. I normally use just plain old tea-lite candles. (They run about $2.25 for 50 at Wal-Mart.) You could use larger candles if you'd like, and just keep lighting the same candles whenever you do any workings.

These offerings should be placed on the outer walls of your home in the directions indicated. A compass is a helpful tool to determine the best placements. (The listed items are only examples, you can research your own correspondences and use whatever you have available. Please do not limit yourself to only my sample ideas, be your own unique selves.)

North- (Earth) I usually always start with North, but you do not have to. Some people like to start with there personal Element. For the North I put together my Natural items corresponding to the Element of Earth. I may use a wooden or clay bowl (can be found at yard sales and thrift stores for about $1)filled with pine cones, brown and/or green stones, acorns, a sprig of cedar. (Whatever I use I always look up the energy correspondences.)

East- (Air) I may use feathers, incense, some dries sprigs of lavender and sage, and yellow stones. I may place these on a decorative tray that depicts an image of what I associate the Air Element to be. Like in the Fall I may use a decorative tray that has Autumn Leaves blowing in a breeze with children playing in the freshly raked piles.

South- (Fire) I may use tiger's eye, amber, a dried sprig of basil, a cinnamon stick, and the candle placed on a flat mirror so the light reflects upward.

West- (Water) I may use a large shell from the beach filled with bladder-wrack, river stones, rose quartz, sandstone, a dried rose, and a candle in a glass or crystal wine glass for a chalice.

Center- (Spirit) I may use a large tea-lite oil burner (as a cauldron) and add natural water and a few drops of frankincense oil. Many times if I am doing a working I will boil my infused water, in the spirit center.

Step 2- Preparing My Space

I begin back at the North offering and call my watchtowers and light my candle. I do this all the way around the house back to North, then I go to the Spirit's Center and say a blessing and light the candle. You do not have to call the corners if you are uncomfortable calling them. It works just fine to meditate silently on the image of what that Element represents to you. Then light the candle.

Step 3- Performing Magick

Since the goal of this ritual is to cleanse the home and consecrate it as your Magickal altar, it is only natural that the Magick you are performing in this space, is the cleansing of it. The main goal of this step is to remove negative items and energies from every square inch of your living space, replacing it with refreshed, positive energy.

(I Begin this process about two evenings after the full Moon.) To start I walk through my entire home with a smoking sprig of sage to cleanse the energy. I focus on my will and channel it into the space.

Now on to the cleaning. I begin by cleaning and organizing the most frequented rooms, and then cleaning and organizing the less frequented rooms. I go through every space, every drawer, every cabinet.... I decide if there are any objects that do not serve a purpose for my family any longer. If so I either post them for free online, put them by the side of the road with a free sign, or take them to Good Will. I believe that once something no longer serves you, someone is waiting for it to serve them. I am a very strong believer in paying or (passing) it forward.

I then clean any hard surfaces (drawers, counters, shelves, appliances, etc...) with my favorite cleanser.

Wipe down the walls with a cloth dampened with infused natural water. I make this by putting sage and rosemary into a large bowl and then I fill it with natural water. I prefer to use water from a spring, rain, or snow storm. Then I let it sit for a few hours before its first use. If my walls aren't very dirty I will use the water for all of my walls within the house. I may even use it on many other surfaces like doors, window casings, floors, and even the ceiling (by wetting the mop).

I vacuum, sweep, mop, etc.. the floors

While cleansing the home, it is very important to focus your energy on what you are doing and really dedicating your energy to direct your will.

If you are not doing a cleansing or consecration and just performing some type of magickal working, it is not necessary to fully cleanse your home in this manner. After lighting and calling all of your watchtowers you have formed a circle within your home and you can literally do any type of magickal ritual inside of it. I especially like that I have the freedom to perform other tasks to raise my energy within the circle, I am not confined to a small space on the floor or in front of an altar, I am an instrument inside of my altar!

Step 4- Releasing Energy and Giving Thanks


After I am done cleansing or with my working I will either give thanks to the Elements beginning at the Spirit's Center and going to the North, then West, then South, then East. I simply just give my thanks and release them from the circle then snuff out the candle. Most of the time though I just wait for the candles to burn out on their own and once I see or smell that it has burned out I give my thanks. If this is the method you prefer, just make sure to state when you light the candle and call the corner that when the candle goes out they are free to leave the circle.

After performing any Magick I usually go for a nice walk outside to ground the energy I raised. I have found that it is the best way for me to center myself.

Hopefully this will be useful to someone. Thank you for reading! Blessed Be!

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