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Ancestral Guidance Spell

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With the full, waning Reed Moon on Samhain I thought it fitting to write a template spell for anyone interested in Spiritualism / Ancestral Magick. The Reed Moon in Taurus make for a perfect long lasting and far reaching arrow of pure will. The Energy is great for make lasting changes, regarding : values, possessions, money and financial matters, fertility, connection with Mother Earth, healing, addictions, replacing unwanted habits, healing unhealthy emotional thinking patterns, healing, and root chakra workings.

Materials Needed:

A mirror

One dark bowl or chalice filled with preferably lake water, but any natural water will do.

1 white tea-lite candle or any candle you see fit.


An incense

A potato

A pen and piece of plain white paper

Before you start the ritual, it is very important to identify what you would like to accomplish with this spell. You are asking your ancestral bloodline for assistance and protection. You're Will MUST be precise, on point, and harm none.

To begin you need to dedicate a spot for the ritual. I prefer my kitchen because it is the easiest to clean salt up off of the floor. We will get to that shortly...

It is customary to ritually cleanse the area and tools you will be using. One method of doing this is using vinegar and an old wash rag.

Choose a means in which you would like to be in contact with your ancestor(s).

By this I mean you must design or choose your own identifying symbol, for your bloodline to use to give you a sign. Ex: a specific rune, or self-designed symbol. (Something you will be able to recognize anywhere, like in dreams, nature, a picture, or a flash in your minds eye.)

You also must choose a specific means of divination for communication. Ex: Runes, scrying, Tarot, i-ching, etc...

Place your mirror somewhere that will reflect your candle flame, bowl, and incense.

It is important to encircle yourself with salt while you call your ancestors and make the offering. It keeps the energy in the circle pure. When you are done in the circle and are leaving to let the candle burn out, just cut open a space in the astral circle with your finger to step out, then seal it back with visualization.

Light your candle while visualizing your spirit calling your ancestors.

Draw your symbol on the piece of paper while visualizing your Will. Visualize precisely what you want to achieve and the path you intend on taking. This energy you invest while drawing the symbol will be an astral road map for your (higher self) or lineage to guide you on your path.

Cut a whole through the potato. Fold or roll up your paper and stuff it inside the potato. Potatoes are great for magick with the spirit or astral realm. It's a tuber root and it keeps you grounded in the physical realm, while its eyes allow your spirit to travel to different realms of existence.

Light the incense. While the smoke rises visualize it drifting away through scent to call upon your ancestral bloodline.

Place the potato in the water as your offering as well as any other items you may also want to add for an offering. These can be stones, herbs, shells, feathers, money, etc...

Visualize your will, and how you would like to receive signs from your bloodline. Make sure you are specific in your visualization. The potato links your visualization to your lineage.

Visualize yourself telling all that you called upon that they free to leave with your gratitude once the candle burns itself out. Tell them how much you appreciated the guidance and the lives each lived, for it made you who you are!

Once the candle burns out with in (24 hours) return the water and offerings (including the potato) back to the earth. You can do this by burying it, or tossing it in a river, ocean, or lake. Make sure to give thanks again and visualize your family symbol.

Now that your spell is complete watch for your symbol. It may start abruptly or very subtly. It may appear in strange locations. Like in a cloud, or a tree, or it could be on an infomercial when you are changing channels on the TV. When you receive this symbol it is important to pay attention and write down any impressions that you see or hear in your mind. Also it is important to note what time of day, what you were doing or thinking right before the sign. Use your chosen means of divination to communicate and further your understanding of the direction in which your symbol is signifying.

If it tests the law of three, let it be!! In perfect love and perfect trust So Mote it Be! Have a Blessed Samhain.


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 The Root of the word Ghost is gast gost and gheis. Archaic roots are very important, as sometimes they describe what the meaning is better. In this case it is used to describe "Fear" of the uncertain. The word gheis means "to scare."  People are conditioned to be afraid, fear of the unseen. Afraid of anything beyond the physical, or meta-physical. The word occult always surfaces with the discussion of ghosts. The word occult means to be hid. Seen and unseen 

Edgar Allan Poe

Was an occultist meaning he believed in unseen forces at work. He writes about them in stories that have now become classics. He was a poet. He understood the nature of bringing out emotions in his stories. Emotions such as fear are unseen forces, yet we believe in fear. We do not question whether fear exists or not.

It's spectactular to say that quantum physics agrees with the belief in ghosts and the existence of other bodies.

"The whole world is the various forms and identities of consciousness and their interactions." (Phisics of the Soul, pg. 59 by Amit Goswami, ph. D)

Non-local vs. Local

"When we die, we drop only the physical body; our subtle bodies survive. (pg. 95)