Lighting the Obscure For Haunted Homeowners!

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Moving Orb

Posted by DiDellia on February 26, 2014 at 4:40 AM Comments comments (0)

I took these photos during a spirit communication session. I used just an average Cannon 35mm digital camera. The orb pictured moves throughout the room. Orbs are rather contiversial within the paranormal community but I feel these orbs are likely paranormal in nature. I will explain why...  The first Orb pictured is beside and infront of the lamp. The Orb looks like there is movement within and is see through. These are characteristics of a legit orb.

In this second picture you will notice that the orb is now behind the tv tray. You can literally see it partially show itself behind the tray. This is evidence that the orb is not anything on the lens, nor a dust partical. These would appear up close to the lens and would not be behind a solid object.

In the third picture you will see that the orb is now on the couch. It once again appears to have movement within the anomaly. The Orb is transparent and if you zoom in, you are able to clearly see the texture of the fabric behind.

In this final picture you can clearly see the orb on the floor. Once again it is transparent. 

Unexpected Trick - Or - Treater

Posted by DiDellia on November 11, 2013 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

On Halloween night my family and I were trick - or - treating and we began talking about how Marc used to go trick - or - treating with his father.  We were going down theold streets and in his old neighborhood.  Our daughter Aradia had fallen down and got her costume wet from the grass, but she proceeded with her candy collection.  I began taking photos in hopes to get a nice one of her and her father.  Instead I think I got a nice one of her, her father, and her Grandfather.  To the right you will notice an unusual mist-like form.  It appears to be embracing her side and back as if trying to guide her safely up the stairs.  Above the arms there appears  to be a side profile of a face.  There is a long nose, forehead, and cheek.

The veil is thin at this time, and it made for a wonderful family picture!  We never thought we would be able to have a family portait with Marc's father, as he died several years ago.

Unexpected Photographic Evidence

Posted by DiDellia on November 11, 2013 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Lately my family and I have been experiencing a greater number of unsual cases of taking pictures and seeing unexpected guests.  I would like to share a few of these really great photos with you.

We were walking through the cemetery by our house and I was taking photos before the witer sets in, so I can do some ladscape paintings over the winter.  At first I had over looked this photo, because it was slightly blurry and serves no purpose for my artistic intent.  However we began having an increase in strange occurances in our home.  Our voice recorders and sinks were turning on by themselves.  We also started experiencing flashes of light that could not be explained.  After our voice recorder turned on by itself for the fourth or fifth time Marc and I began to ask questions.  I asked if the spirit who is trying to communicate with us followed us from the cemetery, it replied with a clear, "YES".  I then began to look through my cemetery photographs and realized that we had captured something truely amazing!  In the center of the photo is a man in old fashioned clothing with what appears to be a hat and large mustache.  At first I doubted the find, and thought, well maybe this is just an odd statue. Then I flipped to the next photo, which I am about to show you.

I was for lack of a better term, BLOWN AWAY!  This was not just some statue but a full bodied apparition, and it was now turned a different way and instead of being infront of the grave stones he is now between and behind them.  There were no people in the cemetery with us during the time of these pictures being taken, and we even have proof of that through a family video we had taken.  These pictures are 100% and have no explaination.  The man was not physically visible to us at the time, but was clearly there on another level.  Since the discovery of these photos the strange occurances around the house have greatly reduced, however we are a family of Witches and will never be completely void of spirit attempts for communication.

Ancestral Guidance Spell

Posted by DiDellia on October 31, 2012 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (0)

With the full, waning Reed Moon on Samhain I thought it fitting to write a template spell for anyone interested in Spiritualism / Ancestral Magick. The Reed Moon in Taurus make for a perfect long lasting and far reaching arrow of pure will. The Energy is great for make lasting changes, regarding : values, possessions, money and financial matters, fertility, connection with Mother Earth, healing, addictions, replacing unwanted habits, healing unhealthy emotional thinking patterns, healing, and root chakra workings.

Materials Needed:

A mirror

One dark bowl or chalice filled with preferably lake water, but any natural water will do.

1 white tea-lite candle or any candle you see fit.


An incense

A potato

A pen and piece of plain white paper

Before you start the ritual, it is very important to identify what you would like to accomplish with this spell. You are asking your ancestral bloodline for assistance and protection. You're Will MUST be precise, on point, and harm none.

To begin you need to dedicate a spot for the ritual. I prefer my kitchen because it is the easiest to clean salt up off of the floor. We will get to that shortly...

It is customary to ritually cleanse the area and tools you will be using. One method of doing this is using vinegar and an old wash rag.

Choose a means in which you would like to be in contact with your ancestor(s).

By this I mean you must design or choose your own identifying symbol, for your bloodline to use to give you a sign. Ex: a specific rune, or self-designed symbol. (Something you will be able to recognize anywhere, like in dreams, nature, a picture, or a flash in your minds eye.)

You also must choose a specific means of divination for communication. Ex: Runes, scrying, Tarot, i-ching, etc...

Place your mirror somewhere that will reflect your candle flame, bowl, and incense.

It is important to encircle yourself with salt while you call your ancestors and make the offering. It keeps the energy in the circle pure. When you are done in the circle and are leaving to let the candle burn out, just cut open a space in the astral circle with your finger to step out, then seal it back with visualization.

Light your candle while visualizing your spirit calling your ancestors.

Draw your symbol on the piece of paper while visualizing your Will. Visualize precisely what you want to achieve and the path you intend on taking. This energy you invest while drawing the symbol will be an astral road map for your (higher self) or lineage to guide you on your path.

Cut a whole through the potato. Fold or roll up your paper and stuff it inside the potato. Potatoes are great for magick with the spirit or astral realm. It's a tuber root and it keeps you grounded in the physical realm, while its eyes allow your spirit to travel to different realms of existence.

Light the incense. While the smoke rises visualize it drifting away through scent to call upon your ancestral bloodline.

Place the potato in the water as your offering as well as any other items you may also want to add for an offering. These can be stones, herbs, shells, feathers, money, etc...

Visualize your will, and how you would like to receive signs from your bloodline. Make sure you are specific in your visualization. The potato links your visualization to your lineage.

Visualize yourself telling all that you called upon that they free to leave with your gratitude once the candle burns itself out. Tell them how much you appreciated the guidance and the lives each lived, for it made you who you are!

Once the candle burns out with in (24 hours) return the water and offerings (including the potato) back to the earth. You can do this by burying it, or tossing it in a river, ocean, or lake. Make sure to give thanks again and visualize your family symbol.

Now that your spell is complete watch for your symbol. It may start abruptly or very subtly. It may appear in strange locations. Like in a cloud, or a tree, or it could be on an infomercial when you are changing channels on the TV. When you receive this symbol it is important to pay attention and write down any impressions that you see or hear in your mind. Also it is important to note what time of day, what you were doing or thinking right before the sign. Use your chosen means of divination to communicate and further your understanding of the direction in which your symbol is signifying.

If it tests the law of three, let it be!! In perfect love and perfect trust So Mote it Be! Have a Blessed Samhain.


Posted by Aur-iu-ba on October 13, 2012 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (0)

 The Root of the word Ghost is gast gost and gheis. Archaic roots are very important, as sometimes they describe what the meaning is better. In this case it is used to describe "Fear" of the uncertain. The word gheis means "to scare."  People are conditioned to be afraid, fear of the unseen. Afraid of anything beyond the physical, or meta-physical. The word occult always surfaces with the discussion of ghosts. The word occult means to be hid. Seen and unseen 

Edgar Allan Poe

Was an occultist meaning he believed in unseen forces at work. He writes about them in stories that have now become classics. He was a poet. He understood the nature of bringing out emotions in his stories. Emotions such as fear are unseen forces, yet we believe in fear. We do not question whether fear exists or not.

It's spectactular to say that quantum physics agrees with the belief in ghosts and the existence of other bodies.

"The whole world is the various forms and identities of consciousness and their interactions." (Phisics of the Soul, pg. 59 by Amit Goswami, ph. D)

Non-local vs. Local

"When we die, we drop only the physical body; our subtle bodies survive. (pg. 95)

Art Spell Template - Also for Good Luck and Job Opportunities

Posted by DiDellia on October 13, 2012 at 6:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Our Craft is our Art but also our Art can be our Craft. Before I get into the technicalities of how to incorporate Magick with art I would like to remind everyone to be conscientious of how they think while making their art. Every thought and feeling will go into your project, and WILL manifest!!!! It doesn't matter what type of Art you decide to make. You can make a painting, drawing, sculpture, paint your bedroom, write a poem, short story, make a movie, etc... You can use ANY form of ART to perform your Magick!!! I am going to use a drawing for an sample spell. If you are new to the craft feel free to use my sample template for your spell, if you are more experienced branch off of my template and customize your spell to your specific needs, and make it as intricate as you feel it needs to be!

Step 1: What do you NEED or WANT to manifest?

I need to turn my luck around and succeed with this new venture. I really need to manifest some job opportunities!

Step 2: What type of Art will be the easiest to allow me to express my desire? (The answer to this question is contingent on the following three questions)

I am best at expressing myself through drawing

What supplies do I need to accomplish this? Paper, Pencil, Eraser, Crayons or Colored Pencils, Ink Pens

What supplies do I have on hand? Paper, Pencil and Eraser, and Colored Pens

What kind of supplies can I afford? None right now, I will have to use what I have

Step 3: Research relative correspondences!

Color Correspondences- The colors I will be using in my drawing are: Orange, red, green, blue, brown, yellow, white, and black. I have listed the following magickal energy correspondences with the colors I wish to project within my drawing. The colors also tie all of the Elements into my Art which will make my Drawing really pack a punch! Orange,is for good luck and good fortune, optimism, success, and success in investments. Red, represents Fire, it is for courage, determination, and assertiveness. Green, represents earth, it is for rejuvenation growth, hope, finances, and abundance. Blue, represents water, it is for wisdom, guidance, and sincerity. Brown, represents Earth, it is for stability, material increase, and attracts help in a financial crisis. Yellow, represents Air, it is for change, vitality, communication and progress. White, represents Spirit, it is for protection from negativity and helps one get in tune with their higher self. Black, also represents Spirit, it is for repelling negativity, protection, and opens deep unconscious levels.

Herbal Correspondences- I am big into herbal craft and I try to incorporate it into everything I do, whether it be cooking, cleaning, or even Art. What I do is I look in my Witches Cabinet and figure out what I have and if any of the Magickal Energies could help me manifest what I desire. In this particular case I have decided to use some VERY common herbs that almost everyone has in their Kitchen. I will put all of the following herbs into a regular bowl and use just a regular tablespoon and crush up the herbs to the best of my ability while concentrating and projecting all of my thoughts of what I want to manifest into these herbs. Once I feel they are ground well enough I will put the paper I will be using for my drawing on a cookie sheet and I will sprinkle my herbal mixture on top of the paper. I will leave the paper like this over night, so my it will absorb the herbs energies. The herbs I will be using are: Cinnamon, to draw money and prosperity, also for luck and success. Nutmeg, to attract money, prosperity, and luck. Oregano, to bring happiness, vitality, and strength. Sage, to remove negativity that may be blocking me, clearing the way so I am able to manifest my desire.

Elemental Associations- Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit, (SEE ABOVE, Colors)

Symbolic Correspondences- Some symbolic correspondences that I would like to incorporate in my drawing are: Ladybugs, for good luck and the connection to the Divine. Bamboo, because it grows wealth.The Number 7, for activation and manifestation a will. Rainbows, for luck and fortune. Horseshoe, to increase positive energy and bring good fortune. Acorn, to attract wealth, enhance personal power, and bring good luck. Keys, to unlock the doors to wealth, success, and happiness . Daisy, to bring luck. Ant, for perseverance and self discipline. Eagle, for success, prosperity, and wealth. Spider, to symbolize the creative life pattern and connect with creative possibilities.

Step 4: Gather supplies, and prepare your project! Now I am going to get everything I may need to create my masterpiece. I like to keep all of the things I may need very close to the place I will be working on my project at. Also It is a good idea to have a large shoe box or drawer big enough to hold your artwork while you are in the process of creating it. Many times it takes days to weeks to complete a project and it should be store in its own special space. I like to prepare my box by sprinkling the herbal mixture in the bottom of the box, then laying a paper towel over it, so it wont smug your drawing.

Step 5: Create a Sacred Space! I like to cleans the area I will be performing magick and then only using that area for that specific task. Another great idea is to have a candle lit next to you while you work on your project.

Step 6: Begin your project! (When not working on the artwork be sure to always store it in it's special box, or drawer.)

Step 7: Display your project It is best to display your art in the North / North-East Direction of your home or bedroom to Manifest success.

Hopefully this will be helpful to some of you. Good luck and Blessed Be!!

If you anyone needs any help customizing this type of spell don't hesitate to ask, I am more than willing to assist you.

How to Make a Witches Staff

Posted by DiDellia on October 13, 2012 at 6:10 AM Comments comments (0)

I am a great fan of the outdoors and am always on the look out for fallen branches that would make great wand and staffs. Here are some ideas to obtain your wood.

I know many people live in areas where there aren't forests. If you live in an area such as this, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for people trimming trees in your neighborhood, many times if you explain that you are interested in a nice branch to use for an art project, they are happy to help you. They may even help you cut it to the right size, if you help them clean up. Also, a good time to find them in your neighborhood is after storms because they fall naturally off of trees and many times people are happy to receive the clean up help. Many times Witches are concerned with what type of wood they want for their staff. Personally I believe that is crazy, I believe that what you seek shall come to you in the perfect form of what you need. So my advice is to be patient and wait for your staff to come to you. I do not recommend that you go out and trim your own branch, it is best to find one that has naturally fallen, or someone else has cut and would other wise discard.

After obtaining your wood, I recommend identifying your wood, then looking up the properties associated with that particular wood. More likely than not, it will represent exactly what you need. If you are unable to find the connection to how it applies to your needs, try doing a three card Tarot reading to determine how the influence is relevant. This also will give you more insight as how to dress your Staff.

The next step is deciding whether or not you want to leave the bark on or take it off. I always take my bark off so it is easier to dress. I do this with a sharpened pocket or hunting knife.

Now I like to bless my wood with an herbal infusion. I make this by researching what herbal properties I want to enhance the wood with. I then put my herbs in a regular bowl, and crush them up with a regular table spoon. Then I put them in a ceramic pot and add natural water (usually collected from rain or snow storms, then stored in the fridge for use all year long). I then boil my water everyday for an hour for three days. I then strain my water and return the herbs to the outdoors, and save my infused water. Using either a paintbrush or my hands I anoint my staff or wand from the top to the bottom, while visualizing and channeling the intended energies into my wood.

After the anointing of the infusion find a special spot to either lay your wood flat or hang it up so it dries evenly. It will need to stay like this for about 3 moon cycles.

During this time, I like to gather what I want to add to my staff or wand. I usually pick up stones, feathers, shells, etc... on nature walks. Its also a great time to research and figure out if you want to engrave runes or some other symbols into your wood.

Once it is dry and hardened, I often will use a fine sand paper and smooth out my wood.

Now it is time decorate and engrave your staff or wand.

Some decorating ideas are using leather, cord, yarn, stones, feathers, shells, fallen antlers, etc...

Once it is made I normally take it out for a nature walk. I will often add additional things to it after every walk, I pick up at least something.

Good luck, if you have any questions please feel free to ask!!! Also if you are absolutely unable to find wood, there are very cheap metal staffs ($10-$20) available online. Metal is a good conductor of energy, both to receive and send.

Household Cleansing and Consecration

Posted by DiDellia on October 13, 2012 at 6:05 AM Comments comments (0)

As an economic Hedge Witch I do not use a traditional altar. This may seem foreign to some practitioners but I use my entire home as a working altar. I have found that my Magick is much stronger and not limited to the small confines of a table or counter surface. Using your home as your altar is also a great motivation to keeping a clean home. If your home is chaotic, so is your Magick. I am going to share with you how to use your home and normal everyday household items to perform Magick. I am going to share a general walk-through of what I do to prepare my space, setting up my space, and performing Magick, and releasing energy.

I use this particular method (minus the heavy cleaning, that is only for the consecration and cleansing of the home) almost every time I perform a ritual. I do alter things according to my will. Before getting into my ritual I would like to remind EVERYONE reading about the Three Fold Law!!! It is very real and whatever type of Magick you perform with my template rituals please be cautious of your intent, may it NOT harm or interfere with another! Another thing I would like to mention is that this particular Ritual for Cleansing and Consecrating your living space takes about two full weeks. The best time for this is right after the full Moon all the way to the day before the new Moon. The reason for this is because the Waning Moon is the best time to cleanse and remove any negative items, energies, habits etc... It is a time to regain order and banish all unwanted influences.

Step 1- Setting Up My Space

The goal of this step is to place offerings in the five elemental directions of your home. I do this by collecting things from Nature that I find on my walks. I then put together displays of the Natural items in an eye pleasing display alongside a candle. I normally use just plain old tea-lite candles. (They run about $2.25 for 50 at Wal-Mart.) You could use larger candles if you'd like, and just keep lighting the same candles whenever you do any workings.

These offerings should be placed on the outer walls of your home in the directions indicated. A compass is a helpful tool to determine the best placements. (The listed items are only examples, you can research your own correspondences and use whatever you have available. Please do not limit yourself to only my sample ideas, be your own unique selves.)

North- (Earth) I usually always start with North, but you do not have to. Some people like to start with there personal Element. For the North I put together my Natural items corresponding to the Element of Earth. I may use a wooden or clay bowl (can be found at yard sales and thrift stores for about $1)filled with pine cones, brown and/or green stones, acorns, a sprig of cedar. (Whatever I use I always look up the energy correspondences.)

East- (Air) I may use feathers, incense, some dries sprigs of lavender and sage, and yellow stones. I may place these on a decorative tray that depicts an image of what I associate the Air Element to be. Like in the Fall I may use a decorative tray that has Autumn Leaves blowing in a breeze with children playing in the freshly raked piles.

South- (Fire) I may use tiger's eye, amber, a dried sprig of basil, a cinnamon stick, and the candle placed on a flat mirror so the light reflects upward.

West- (Water) I may use a large shell from the beach filled with bladder-wrack, river stones, rose quartz, sandstone, a dried rose, and a candle in a glass or crystal wine glass for a chalice.

Center- (Spirit) I may use a large tea-lite oil burner (as a cauldron) and add natural water and a few drops of frankincense oil. Many times if I am doing a working I will boil my infused water, in the spirit center.

Step 2- Preparing My Space

I begin back at the North offering and call my watchtowers and light my candle. I do this all the way around the house back to North, then I go to the Spirit's Center and say a blessing and light the candle. You do not have to call the corners if you are uncomfortable calling them. It works just fine to meditate silently on the image of what that Element represents to you. Then light the candle.

Step 3- Performing Magick

Since the goal of this ritual is to cleanse the home and consecrate it as your Magickal altar, it is only natural that the Magick you are performing in this space, is the cleansing of it. The main goal of this step is to remove negative items and energies from every square inch of your living space, replacing it with refreshed, positive energy.

(I Begin this process about two evenings after the full Moon.) To start I walk through my entire home with a smoking sprig of sage to cleanse the energy. I focus on my will and channel it into the space.

Now on to the cleaning. I begin by cleaning and organizing the most frequented rooms, and then cleaning and organizing the less frequented rooms. I go through every space, every drawer, every cabinet.... I decide if there are any objects that do not serve a purpose for my family any longer. If so I either post them for free online, put them by the side of the road with a free sign, or take them to Good Will. I believe that once something no longer serves you, someone is waiting for it to serve them. I am a very strong believer in paying or (passing) it forward.

I then clean any hard surfaces (drawers, counters, shelves, appliances, etc...) with my favorite cleanser.

Wipe down the walls with a cloth dampened with infused natural water. I make this by putting sage and rosemary into a large bowl and then I fill it with natural water. I prefer to use water from a spring, rain, or snow storm. Then I let it sit for a few hours before its first use. If my walls aren't very dirty I will use the water for all of my walls within the house. I may even use it on many other surfaces like doors, window casings, floors, and even the ceiling (by wetting the mop).

I vacuum, sweep, mop, etc.. the floors

While cleansing the home, it is very important to focus your energy on what you are doing and really dedicating your energy to direct your will.

If you are not doing a cleansing or consecration and just performing some type of magickal working, it is not necessary to fully cleanse your home in this manner. After lighting and calling all of your watchtowers you have formed a circle within your home and you can literally do any type of magickal ritual inside of it. I especially like that I have the freedom to perform other tasks to raise my energy within the circle, I am not confined to a small space on the floor or in front of an altar, I am an instrument inside of my altar!

Step 4- Releasing Energy and Giving Thanks


After I am done cleansing or with my working I will either give thanks to the Elements beginning at the Spirit's Center and going to the North, then West, then South, then East. I simply just give my thanks and release them from the circle then snuff out the candle. Most of the time though I just wait for the candles to burn out on their own and once I see or smell that it has burned out I give my thanks. If this is the method you prefer, just make sure to state when you light the candle and call the corner that when the candle goes out they are free to leave the circle.

After performing any Magick I usually go for a nice walk outside to ground the energy I raised. I have found that it is the best way for me to center myself.

Hopefully this will be useful to someone. Thank you for reading! Blessed Be!