Lighting the Obscure For Haunted Homeowners!

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Phantasm Apostles was formed through somewhat of a ghost story itself.   Both of us were living in a small Northern New England town when a bit of a tragedy occurred.  We hadn't ever met each other at this time but shared mutual friends with the person whom was met with an untimely ending.  Through the fates we ended up meeting and were both left with literally two options, both of us move in as roommates into the tragic location, or both be homeless.  Upon moving in as roommate we both discovered that we had very similar interests and had devoted most of our lives to the study of the Occult, Spiritualism, Paranormal Phenomena, Philosophy, Comparative Religions, and a wide variety of Sciences. Collectively we have over 40 years of cumulative knowledge and practice of things of an Occult / Spiritualistic nature.  We receive many calls and emails asking for advice, and to mentor.  

We are an open channel of Spirit Communication, so everywhere we go, spirits follow.

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