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Phantasm Apostles

Welcome members and newcomers!   Many people have a growing awareness and curiosity of unseen forces that coincide with our own existence. Our Mission is to inform and help individuals understand these energies. There are a lot of paranormal groups available for people to utilize when things go bump in the night. Normally, when a group gets called into a location, they go in with their scientific equipment to either prove or disprove paranormal activity. After their investigative conclusions, more often than not, these groups are not equipped to help the persons residing in these locations. Many paranormal teams are only trying to appease their own curiosities, and have no actual knowledge of the forces they are encountering. This can pose a problem not only for the residents, but the investigative team as well. Every paranormal case is a complex puzzle that shouldn't be taken lightly. Many times these entities become stronger and the residents have a spike in activity after an investigation or when amateurs try to banish these entities. There have been accounts of where investigators have gotten hurt, possessed, or have become haunted. This is where our expertise comes in. Collectively, Phantom Apostles have over 40 years of study in occult and paranormal phenomena. We specialize in determining the source, and ways to resolve it. We are skilled in a myriad of communicative, cleansing, and healing techniques. 



Lately we have been getting a lot of requests for people who are looking at how to communicate with spirits, how to make contact with their ancestors, and how to get the paranormal activity in there home under control. We have even been asked if we know techniques of how to increase energy for spirits to manifest activity. So upon reflection, we have decided to start building a website to help introduce and mentor people interested in spiritualism. We hope to make this site into a wealth of information for people utilize in their paranormal quests, whatever they may be, as long as it harms none!


If you have any questions, concerns, or are in need of our services please submit the form below or directly contact us at:

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